6dev09 Build 18 Released



Summer’s heating up here in Illinois, so while it’s too hot to go out, I’ve been cooking up something here at home. We have release 18! Unfortunately, this release will not include the much anticipated ugBASIC support, but I’ve started on adding support for this new exciting language for 6dev09 and I expect it to be ready by next release.

As for this release, I wanted to get this out right away, because I have updated MAME to the latest version including support for all the new cartridges and devices! I have also added RS232 support in the emulation preferences.

I have fixed quite a few bugs, so we are getting closer to a beta release! Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Small bugfixes
  • Fixed some activation issues
  • Added splash screen
  • Added MAME 0.257 support
  • Added new machines, carts, and roms in line with MAME 0.257.
  • Added rs232 support
  • Fixed window sizing on start
  • Install fonts when using installer

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