Introducing 6dev09

Early Access Alpha Version available now!

Unleash your creativity with 6dev09, the game-changing IDE that transforms Color Computer and 6×09 programming and empowers your coding adventures!

Dual Language Support

Experience seamless programming with 6dev09’s robust support for both BASIC and Assembly languages, tailored for Color Computer and other 6×09 systems.

Effortless Deployment

Create and share cartridge ROMs and floppy disk images effortlessly, making it simple to bring your projects to life on MAME and other emulators or the Color Computer itself.

Multiple Tabs for Projects

Effortlessly manage complex projects through multiple tabs, allowing you to work on several files simultaneously within the same workspace.

Customize fonts, themes, and colors for a tailored experience.




Font Choices

16 Million+

Color Options

Including Automated Installation Tools

Deploy your creations with ease, thanks to the automated installation tools for MAME and LWTOOLS, taking the hassle out of setting up your environment.

Modern Dark Theme


Retro Classic CoCo Theme


Modern Light Theme


Full Theming Capability


Every LWASM Flag Supported


Full Disk Creation Capability


6dev09 is an impressively intuitive and versatile Integrated Development Environment that streamlines programming for Color Computer enthusiasts, delivering a seamless experience from code to deployment.


AI language model

Comprehensive BASIC and Assembly Programming Solution

6dev09 is a versatile IDE tailored for BASIC and Assembly language programmers on Color Computer and 6×09 systems. With advanced code displaying, multiple tabs, and an integrated BASIC preprocessor, this all-in-one solution streamlines workflows and simplifies software creation and deployment for retro computing enthusiasts

Streamline Development with MAME and MAME Debugger

6dev09 takes retro programming to the next level by integrating with the MAME emulator and its powerful debugger. This integration allows developers to effortlessly test and debug their Color Computer and 6×09 system projects in a simple workflow. By harnessing the capabilities of MAME and the MAME debugger, 6dev09 enables users to rapidly iterate on their software, identify issues, and fine-tune their creations, resulting in a seamless and efficient development process.

Dedicated Support

Experience unparalleled support as a valued member of the PlayPi Games community, where collaboration and knowledge-sharing take center stage. In addition to engaging with fellow users and enthusiasts, you’ll have access to personalized email support for any questions, concerns, or guidance you may need. Our commitment to your success ensures a smooth and enriching experience as you explore the world of programming with 6dev09.

Unleash the Power of LWASM

Experience the seamless integration of LWTOOLS within the 6dev09 IDE, allowing you to effortlessly compile Assembly programs for 6×09 microprocessors. With just one click, access all the options and flags in the preferences, and streamline your workflow like never before. Tap into the full potential of LWTOOLS and elevate your retro programming projects up a notch.

Community-Driven Updates

6dev09 embraces the power of community feedback and the importance of continuous improvement to deliver the ultimate programming experience. Aiming for monthly updates, the 6dev09 team actively listens to user input, ensuring the IDE evolves to meet your needs and desires. This dynamic, community-centric approach keeps 6dev09 innovative, engaging, and always in tune with the passionate enthusiasts that make it so special.

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