About PlayPi Games

Welcome to PlayPi Games, a forward-thinking software company dedicated to crafting innovative games, game-making tools, and development solutions for the retro computing community. Founded in 2023 by Eric Canales, PlayPi Games strives to provide high-quality products that inspire creativity and preserve the rich history of vintage computer systems.

As a one-person operation, PlayPi Games embodies Eric’s passion for Tandy/Radio Shack and Color Computer systems. With years of experience and dedication, Eric has channeled his expertise into developing the company’s flagship product, the 6dev09 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This powerful tool, which has been under development for several years, is specifically designed for the Color Computer and other 6×09 computer systems. Catering to both BASIC and Assembly language programmers, 6dev09 offers a comprehensive solution for programming, deploying cartridge ROMs, and creating floppy disk images compatible with MAME and other emulators or the Color Computer itself.

PlayPi Games’ commitment to innovation and excellence extends beyond the 6dev09 IDE, as the company continually explores opportunities to create new games and game-making tools. By fostering a strong connection with the retro computing community, PlayPi Games aims to offer products that resonate with enthusiasts and newcomers alike, ensuring a bright future for these classic systems.

Thank you for your interest in PlayPi Games. Your support enables the continued development of groundbreaking tools and engaging games that celebrate the timeless appeal of vintage computers. Together, we can keep the spirit of retro computing alive and thriving.