6dev09 Build 17 Released



Some small updates releasing today. You can get these updates in the Software Portal.

One of the bigger changes affects the preferences and disk creation.  You can now use %src% and %srcext% tags in the preferences in most of  the textbox fields. This will allow you to use name of your source file  rather than some default static name. %src% returns the file name you  are working on but without the extension. %srcext% returns just the  extension of the file you are working on.

The default preferences have been updated to use these tags, so you  can delete your settings file or the entries in the settings file  (remove the entire line you want to revert to the default). The  preference file is located at: C:Usersusername.6dev09settings.ini

Also included in this update are timestamps on all the console logs, and a few other quality of life fixes.

  • Added tags %src% and %srcext% in most preferences text boxes
  • Added time to logs
  • Updated compiler
  • Remember window size between sessions
  • Minor updates to help files

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